The Plaza Group

We're a  boutique real estate investment firm and private money lender providing wealth-building solutions for investors and borrowers. Our focus on stable income, principal protection and higher yields, combined with our exceptional customer service, makes TPG the go to resource for partnerships and alternative investments.

Delivering Lending Innovation

Our typical borrower is an experienced real estate investor that uses TPG financing to capture and capitalize on real estate opportunities, including, purchasing properties at a discount through short sales, real estate owned by banks (REO), foreclosures, trustee sales, probate, and other distressed situations; repositioning income producing properties; freeing up equity in their existing real estate portfolio for other opportunities through cash-out refinancing; debt restructuring and discounted payoffs; and other situations and opportunities. These borrowers need to bridge a gap in timing or financing not offered by traditional lenders and they use TPG funds for speed and flexibility.

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Strength Through Diversity

The Plaza Group funds many types of properties, including non-owner occupied single family residences, two to four unit properties, apartments and multifamily buildings, office, retail, mixed use, warehouse, industrial and other income producing property that meet our requirements. However, TPG does not lend against owner-occupied single family residences or owner-occupied 2 to 4 unit properties.

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