The Plaza Groups main investment objective is Stable Income and Principal Protection.

Traditionally a broker similiar to The Plaza Group has a network of investors that are willing to fund first trust deeds, from which brokers traditionally qualify, underwrite the borrower, and lastly broker a deal in which investors end up owning a first trust deed secured by a real property. This approach is the norm and a solid and secure model to invest in, however there are some drawbacks to this traditional process.

The borrower does not end up getting the fastest service just by the fact that borrower is not dealing directly with the investor. Also, Investors are not always aliened with the broker, after all once the transaction is completed the broker is out of the way. In order to give our borrowers funds in the fastest way and most flexibly way TPG is taking a different approach from everyone in the industry.

TPG directly funds qualified borrowers to meet thier needs. After the loan has been originated TPG can assign these first trust deed notes to investors as if they had funded the deals them selves. TPG is the only company that is confident enough in the security of our notes and process that we guarantee all notes assigned to our investors. If its not good enough for us than its not good enough for our investors.

TPG offers Trust Deed investments to private individuals, corporations, and self-directed IRAs.

Trust deeds create a security interest in real estate for the repayment of loans. Like senior mortgages, first trust deeds enjoy a priority position over other encumbrances on the property and TPG trust deeds have conservative Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios – resulting in a protective equity cushion for our investors. Investors also have the ability to self-select those trust deeds in which they would like to invest. As a result, investments in TPG trust deeds provide investors with

the opportunity to earn 6% to 9% annualized returns with a cushion to help preserve the investor’s principal investment against market fluctuations or potential borrower defaults. In todays current market place first trust deed lending in particularly attractive because of the government restrictions on banks which is creating access to high quality borrowers. TPG makes real estate loans secured by 1st deeds of trust on residential, multifamily, retail and commercial property located throughout California.

The loans are arranged by TPG funded by TPG Or Affiliate. The notes and deeds of trust are then Guaranteed, assigned and held by our investors. The minimum investment is $100,000 for individuals, trusts and qualified retirement accounts. We recommend that all investors become familiar with trust deed investments prior to investing. Among other materials, the California Department of Real Estate has published a booklet on trust deed investing which may be located at: CDRE Trust Deed Booklet

Our Strategy

At The Plaza Group we work to create and leverage deals that fit tightly into our one of our other real estate or investment arms. This creates opportunities that a traditonal lender cannot provide throughout the process.


Our investors may elect to use the same loan servicer used by The Plaza Group or assign a separate loan servicer and / or trustee for their loan.


Our investors have the right to self-select loans for their investment portfolio. Each of our investors may make a decision to invest or to not invest in a particular loan based on their own investment objectives and criteria.

Due Diligence

Our investors have the right to examine all related under­writing and due diligence performed by TPG on any loan, ask questions related to the loan, and perform such other reasonable independent due diligence required by the investor prior to committing to fund or purchase that loan. There will be no undue urgency or push to fund or purchase a loan.

Property Review

Our investors may review the appraisals and other infor­mation  to determine the value of the property constituting the collateral for a loan. Further, our investors may conduct independent reviews and inspections of the property to determine the condition, sufficiency, value, and marketability of the collateral prior to committing to fund or purchase the loan.

Loan Terms

Our investors may review loans for potential investment based criteria they may establish, including, the interest rate, loan-to-value, underwriting criteria, funding and advance conditions, restrictions, terms, fees and other criteria prior to committing to fund or purchase the loan.

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